White Feather Bag and More Leather Bags for Sale

Finally, we have a few leather bush bags for sale again! The white elk hide bag is the largest, with white feather carving decorations from both antler and rib bone. The button is antler too. The strap is braided. Whoever nabs this one will have to make the decision as to whether to spray it with leather protector or let it get grungy – it’ll take a while to look intentionally grungy is all! Here are all 3 pictured with human paw for size reference:

White feather bag and more leather bags for sale!
White feather bag and more leather bags for sale!

And close-ups of details:

White feather rib bones

The brown bags are a soft deer hide with antler buttons and antler carvings – rustic little flowers:

Antler flowers
More carved details

We’re asking $135 for the smaller bag, and $150 each for the larger two. Contact us if you have any questions! The larger tan bag has sold, so it’s down to the white feather bag and the petite sized one!

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