Two Super Easy Pine Cone Christmas Decorations

What I used:
– Pinecones I had laying around for over a year
– Acrylic paint (mix of red, green, blue, and white)
Jute string for attaching

Painted pine cones
Pine cones sloppily brushed with acrylic paint.
Christmas Tree W/ Pine cone Ornaments
Jute strings looped around the cones –
The loops of jute nestle into the cone neatly, without needing to actually attach it to the cones.

I still had pinecones left over, so I made a rustic, shabby garland as well:

Easiest Pine Cone Garland
Pine cones tied onto a jute string.
Easiest Pine Cone Garland
Each pine cone has a small string tied around it and knotted tightly, then it’s tied onto the main string with the rest of the cones.



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