Bluebead Lily – Clintonia Borealis: Edible & Medicinal Uses of Poisonberry of Wild Plants

Bluebead Lily - Clintonia Borealis

In Anishinaabemowin, odotaagaans+ag, bluebead lily has toxic berries, but it’s still an edible and medicinal wild plant. It’s gorgeous too, with pretty yellow flowers and stunning blue berries that form a gradient and marbled cluster of blue as they ripen. Corn lily AKA bluebead lily (clintonia borealis) is common around Halliburton in deciduous or mixed woods …

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Trout Lily – Erythronium Americanum: Edible & Medicinal Uses of the Spotted Ephemeral Wild Plant

Trout lily - Erythronium americanum

In Ojibwe, namegobagonii’n partially derived from namegos meaning “lake trout”, trout lily is one of the first edible and medicinal plants to come up in the Spring. But it doesn’t stay for long! A spring ephemeral (which means it springs up and then goes away far too quickly), trout lily’s leaves have the mottled appearance of …

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