Coltsfoot – Tussilago Farfara: Salt of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Coltsfoot - Tussilago Farfara

Does anyone have an Anishinaabemowin word for coltsfoot? Coltsfoot is another settler import to North America with a longstanding edible and medicinal history. But keep reading because things have gotten complicated due to health concerns about one of the constituents. Coltsfoot has gone out of vogue for a couple reasons. Firstly, antihistamines and new cough …

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Common Comfrey – Symphytum Officinale: Healing Herb of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Common Comfrey - Symphytum Officinale

Does anyone have an Anishinaabemowin word for comfrey? Another escapee from settler cultivation around here, comfrey is an historically renown and presently controversial edible and medicinal plant. Around Haliburton, we have both common comfrey and the blue flowered wild sort (now andersonglossum boreale). The proper one of the title name has creamy yellow flowers. The …

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Common Mullein – Verbascum Thapsus: The Coziest of Foragable Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Common mullein - Verbascum thapsus

In Anishinaabemowin, mullein is sometimes called Waabooyaanibag (blanket leaf). Its uses are blanketly more medicinal than edible. But you can eat the delicate yellow flowers too! Mullein’s folk names include but are not limited to flannel leaf (leaves stuffed in shoes for warmth), tinder plant/torches/torch-wort, candlewick (dried stems used to be dipped in wax to …

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