Common Juniper – Juniperus Communis: Spicy Conifer of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Common Juniper - Juniperus Communis

In Chippewa, ga’gawan’dagisid meaning deceptive, common junipers “berries” aren’t as sweet as they appear. (I’m not actually sure that is why deceptive is the descriptive name.) But common juniper is still an edible and medicinal plant, especially popular in Northern Europe. In Haliburton, Ontario, you’ll find communis var. depressa Pursh. It’s been fairly common around here, especially …

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Marsh Marigold – Caltha Palustris: Early Greens of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Marsh Marigold - Caltha Palustris

In Chippewa, o’gite’bug, marsh marigold is a wild edible and medicinal plant that grows too close to water hemlock for the comfort of many. Although they look nothing like each other! Also note marsh marigold across the Atlantic is a different plant. Early spring, when wild food is slim pickings, pollinators and foragers alike can …

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Jack-In-The-Pulpit – Arisaema Triphyllum: Burning Sensation of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Jack-In-The-Pulpit – Arisaema Triphyllum

In Ojibwe, caca’ gomîn, Jack-in-the-pulpit is a scorching edible and medicinal plant that requires patience and expertise to utilize. It’s not for the beginner forager or herbalist. Despite names like Indian or pepper turnip and Starchwort, Jack-in-the-pulpit isn’t just some root you can dig up like burdock and have at. The roots are covered in …

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