Sow Thistle – Sonchus SPP.: Rabbit-food of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Sow Thistle - Sonchus SPP.

Does anyone have an Anishinaabemowin word for sow thistle (sonchus spp.)? Not a true thistle and also non-native here, and sometimes mistakenly called milk thistle, sow thistles are another edible and medicinal plant to gobble up or feed to the pigs. Sow thistles in these parts include field sow-thistle (sonchus arvensis), spiny-leaved sow thistle (sonchus …

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Bull Thistle – Cirsium Vulgare: Artichokes of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Bull Thistle - Cirsium Vulgare

Does anyone have an Anishinaabemowin word for bull thistle (cirsium vulgare)? It’s a common sight in sunny pastures and along the roadside here. Its (also euro) cousin Canada thistle (cirsium arvense) will be covered another time, even though the edible and medicinal usage is similar. Bull thistle is more edible. I’m going to interrupt this …

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White Sweet Clover – Melilotus Albus: Vanilla of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

White Sweet Clover - Melilotus Albus

Does anyone have an Anishinaabemowin word for white sweet clover? Often called melilot, our sweet clovers are a settler imported edible and medicinal plant. But you’re going to need to be careful about mold. And you might want to report it. Around here white sweet clover (melilotus alba) is common. We also have yellow sweet …

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Queen Anne’s-lace – Daucus Carota: Carrot of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Queen Anne's-lace - Daucus Carota

In Ojibwe, okaadaak means carrot, and Queen Anne’s-lace is literally a carrot. It’s another likely garden escapee, naturalized to Haliburton, and a surprisingly edible and medicinal wild plant. (If you’re not possibly pregnant, anyway!) Edible Uses of Queen Anne’s-lace The whole plant smells distinctly of carrot. But the edible roots are white instead of orange. …

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Common Fleabane – Erigeron Philadelphicus: Early Old Man of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Common Fleabane – Erigeron philadelphicus

Does anyone have a Anishinaabemowin word for common fleabane? These edible and medicinal fleabane are smaller daisies, that bloom earliest of daisies here, and they are quickly raggedly looking. From all that you can probably figure out why they’re called eri (early) and geron (old man) in greek. Around Haliburton, we have common fleabane, rough daisy …

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Wild Parsnip – Pastinaca Sativa: Sweetest of Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

Wild Parsnip - Pastinaca Sativa

Does anyone have an Anishinaabemowin word for parsnip? There isn’t a traditional word because this plant is an invasive settler plant. Edible and medicinal carrot/parsley family plants are notorious on the internet. Their relation giant hogweed is especially villainized. My library of herbal books tends to focus on cow parsnip, and even then, these parsnip …

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