Learn About Edible & Medicinal Herbs, Shrubs and Trees

We suggest starting off with Common Dandelion, plant No. 1 of what will be hundreds of edible and medicinal plants. We’ve covered more than 60 plants so far, with many more useful herbs, shrubs, and trees on the way! Find all of them here. There’s a new plant every Friday – we’re just getting started! Here are the latest few plants:

How ___ Use Wild Plants (E.g. Foxes)

Have you ever wondered what herbs a black bear self medicates with? Did you know a turtle wears weeds? That foxes plant herbal gardens? Or that some birds use antimicrobial herbs in their nests that repel pests? I’m curious about this symbiosis, how wild ones use edible and medicinal plants, and will be investigating, so…

Let’s Explore the Flora and Fauna of the Woods Together! via the Wood Folk Diaries

Our diaries are a field journal series, starting with my ruffed grouse Spring! And a favorite wild one we’ve watched, Makwa the black bear. We’ll include sketches, pictures, and videos embedded from our YouTube check out our channel to sub and don’t forget to hit the bell to turn on notifications. A podcast may be in the works too!

Let’s Make Stuff out of Wild Plants Together

Besides these few wild series, there are coloring pages, craft ideas, and wild plant recipes to try! Join us for some fun tinkering and yummy eats as we immerse ourselves in the organic woods.

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