Plants of Haliburton County, Central Ontario, Canada

All the plants covered on our blog can be found now in our Index of Plants, organized by family. Our founding inspiration for which plants we cover is the book Haliburton Flora that covers the flora in Haliburton county, Ontario, Canada. The landscape has changed however, and new plants are being covered as well.

The most used for foraging, medicinally and for crafts will usually take priority. We’ll eventually cover all the poisonous plants too. And when I run out of new plants that can be found in “The Land Between”, I’ll focus on Ontario as a whole and eventually perhaps just “east of the Rockies” or Canada as a whole.

Locals may be able to rent Haliburton Flora: An Annotated List of the Vascular Plants of the County of Haliburton, Ontario (LIFE SCIENCES MISCELLANEOUS PUBLICATION) from the library. Sometimes copies can be found on Amazon.

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