Easy Ratty Burlap Christmas Wreaths

What I used:
– The less hole ridden side of a ratty old burlap bag
– Metal rings
– Scissors
Jute string for attaching

Easy Ratty Burlap Christmas Wreaths
Easy Ratty Burlap Christmas Wreaths

The trick to cutting burlap is to push apart the threads before you cut (cutting down the path you just made between rows). I did that haphazardly in this case so that many of the pieces would be frayed. I also measured lazily, so I had to trim a few long pieces after I’d tied on enough burlap on to hide the metal ring beneath. Most wreaths require many more steps – I wanted it to be as straightforward as possible, with no messy glue.

The burlap bag I used was filled with holes and otherwise, it would have ended up in the trash or wood stove fire, so I was happy to give it one last use.

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